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Company Registration Service

Companies are only considered as licit or legal after they are registered under the New Companies Act 2013 or other similar acts like as the LLP Act 2013. It is impossible to reap any official benefits in the absence of proper registration. Besides the chances of misuse or infringement by third parties cannot be ruled out as well in absence of proper registration. Getting your company registered ensures smooth and successful functioning of business entities reducing corporate risks and maltreat issues. Company registration service ensures the smooth and successful functioning of businesses reducing corporate risks and malpractices.

What does Eaccountspro do?

Getting your documentation right is of utmost priority for a business entity. We at Eaccountspro understand this and therefore our team is dedicated to offer you specialized company registration service with a varied range of services that range private limited company, limited company, one person company and much more. We are backed by a team of experienced and qualifies solicitors, lawyers whose expertise in resolving issues pertaining to business formation and company incorporation queries match none. This team of attorneys are also proficient in handling the entire segment of filing applications for company registration, company name registration. They are also capable of submitting the documents needed along with other law services, which needs to be applied for registration of new companies in India.

Steps that are involved in forming a company:
1. The first step is to get Digital Signature Certificates and Director Identification Number for every
promoter/director before applying.

2. The company owner needs to apply for the availability of the proposed name of the company. This application needs to be accompanied with two unique names and the main object section of that business.

3. For ROC filling, Eaccountspro offers INC10, INC9, Consent of Landlord and DIR2 on the stamp papers for the physical signature. The process of uploading becomes effective after notarization of the signed documents.

4. Here are some other documents, which needs to be readied at this time:

Signed and notarized DIR2, INC10 and 9
PAN, ADHAAR, Photo, Voter’s ID/Passport, Bank statement, email id and mobile no of every director
Address of the main business area
Utility bill of the main business area (electricity bill)
Receipt of the latest property tax paid
NOC of the landlord

5. Once a company is formed, both the PAN and TAN will be offered and therefore these things would be sent to the address of the company owner.