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In most organizations, the Human Resource Managers get flustered with entries and exits of employees. Keeping track with the manpower requisition, placement channels, job advertisements, consultancies, interviews, recruitments, salary accounts, trainings, exit formalities, farewells and so many other things fill in the job description of an HR Manager. To worsen the situation, pay days come every month.

Payroll Processing is something which confronts the HR managers popping up new concerns or drawbacks every now and then. They often find it challenging to keep themselves ceaselessly updated with new versions of the software that governs the payroll. A little error might fume up into chaos. With EaccountsPro, salary administration and monthly payroll processing becomes easy, scalable, manageable and secured. Certified accountants adept in high-end software keep everything organized and updated making things go easy every pay-day.

Payslips will be compact yet complete. Employees will know the break-up and tax deduction at a glance seldom coming up with queries to the employer. Prepared in easy-to-understand language, the employees will be able to view the salary items.

What You Get
  • Complete security and confidentiality of employee information and salaries
  • Statutory compliance with laws and adherence to newest regulations
  • Quick resolution of discrepancies and issues
  • Accurate reports customized as per client's preference
  • 24/7 access to your data and reports thus generated
  • Comprehensible, compact and precise pay slips
  • Cost escalation triggered by in-house payroll maintenance
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  • Young though, I just gave them a try and I wasn't disappointed. .. in fact gotta learn more of cloud stuff from these guys; something I can use elsewhere too

    E. M. WinstonLawyer, NY

  • I started my own digital printing company in 2013, with 6 members. I was looking to outsource Invoice work, when EaccountsPro was recommended by a friend. They work with Quickbooks. So far, things going fine, but I just wish they did my tax work too. :(

    D. Bright Entrepreneur, LA

  • Accounting, is rocket science for someone like me, who lives in the world of, colors, fabrics, threads, scissors, cuts, stitches and designs. EaccountsPro was a boon to save me from the horrifying bank reconciliation. I outsourced it. Hourly rates make it go easy on my wallet.

    N. Basu Fashion Designer, IN

  • I received their contacts, when I was desperately looking for a CA. I opted to outsource my credit card reconciliation work to them. Initially I had some complaints, but they were quick at turning around. Now it's going smooth.

    H. Jobbs Photographer, NJ

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