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Yes. EaccountsPro, since August 2012 has been serving several small-scale business with efficient, fast and accurate bookkeeping, invoice processing, payroll management, bank reconciliation, financial reporting and accounts payable/receivable.
Why not. The services of a dedicated CA, can be hired on hourly basis too. This doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets. Be rest assured, you will be asked to pay only for the services you want us to deliver. You can choose them for yourself.
Outsourcing spares you the need to buy softwares, recruit full-timers or hire trainers. Packages are reasonably priced, which implies that even a small business owner can opt for a particular service package trimmed as per his/her budget. Hourly rates make it easier for you to divide your assignments according to the level of urgency or recurring demands.
You data is securely stored online. All applications and client data is hosted on cloud servers that in compliance with the highest standards in security and confidentiality. You will be able to access your data readily 24x7. Regular synchronization and backup help to keeps things much safer than hard copies which can get mutilated with time. You are spared of the worries of getting things misplaced. Everything is scanned and uploaded online for easy access and lifetime storage.
Outsourcing saves your time and money. Hand over the tedious bookkeeping and accounting tasks to EaccountsPro Team. You can hire the services of dedicated certified accountants who will render customized analysis, reports and statements.

Outsourcing does not mean that you cannot communicate with us or access your data regularly or whenever you want to. You will be able to communicate with us online. You just assign tasks and we execute them much like your full-time employees. The only thing is that we are not on your payrolls.
We ensure multi-layer encryption of online documents and cloud stored data, readily accessible through desktop or mobile apps.

There are chances of printed documents getting mutilated or misplaced. Online storage keeps everything intact in a particular order of classification. Every single scanned document or report comes handy during audits. We can upload scanned images of supporting documents for ready reference.
Presently we have a unit in Kolkata, which operates from 10.00 AM to 07.00PM (IST) however our representative are there to answer your queries 24x7.
We are available on Hangouts, skype and whatsapp. Feel free to Contact Us.
Yes, he is available. You can write to him at qbhelp@eaccountspro.com

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